Theatre is an experience like no other. It is deeply routed in all of us to share stories, to communicate thoughts, feelings and information to each other and we have been doing this, theatrically speaking, for thousands of years.

When watching a performance you are sharing a moment, something which is ethereal and will never be again. It is in the moment, now, but it is also of all time, a connection to our past. There is nothing quite like sharing a moment where an actor on stage can make 2,000 odd people feel the same through words and expression. Regardless of your age, gender or background at that moment, in that time, you are all the same. All thinking and feeling the same and living the magic of the live performance.

And that is what is it. Theatre is magic. Whether you are in the glitziest of west end theatres, or a local arts venue, or even a space not made for theatre but where it is happening, the sights, the smells, the anticipation create an electric wave that ripples through us all.

Beyond it being an experience, the theatre is where some of the most profound writers and thinkers have come to communicate, to help audiences reach a level of understanding, of tolerance for each other and discovery about themselves. Good theatre is transformative and it has the power to alter individual’s ideologies and temperament.

The theatre is also a place that people want to work in. You don’t end up being an actor or designer or director by mistake. You work hard, you devote your life to your craft and when you share that with others you do it with every ounce of your fibre, disseminating the love and passion that you hold for theatre to everyone in the room and that is a tangible feeling.

If you get the chance to see something then please do and share in that love and passion. Share in the tradition of your ancestors dating back beyond the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Share in someone else’s story and it will tell you something about your own. We are all human and all driven by the same emotions and motives. Share in what it is to be human and to be alive


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